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So a lot of you have asked me to do a blog while I'm in Korea. Even though I'm html and blog challenged, I thought I still might try. Throughout my time in Korea (south of course) i will update each day on here, showing you where I went, what I did and ate. I'm sure some of you probably are already assuming that my diet will consist of fast food and sweets. However, I'm not going to limit my experience to such foods I could easily find back in the states. Thank you all for the support and I hope that you all will stay tuned in! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

next to last day in USA

So i'm really crushed. . .i sat down at around 11:16 to write out a post, and i was getting ready to confirm it. . . and stupid me, erased every single word :// i want to cry, but i wont. i just want to be able to remember everything. . i'll give it a try

So. . like i was saying-ish, today i (well my mother and i) finished all of my packing. There is tooo much to think about, i still have another list of stuff i have to get when im in Korea. For anybody planning to travel overseas, be prepared to plan and plan, especially ahead of time. Trust me, its worth it though. Last year when i traveled to Korea, i only stayed about 2 weeks. But i knew as soon as i got in the car and left the airport. . . i knew that i was going to come back and study or do something amazing! and guess what, im going back and i have plans to study at a beautiful school in Seoul named Yonsei University. right now. . I'm a little nervous to get started, but im sure everything will work out. Just remember to keep me in your prayers. . .for sure :) I love you all, 
and this post is just one of many soon to come. . . muahhh~  

(11:33)=sad face

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