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So a lot of you have asked me to do a blog while I'm in Korea. Even though I'm html and blog challenged, I thought I still might try. Throughout my time in Korea (south of course) i will update each day on here, showing you where I went, what I did and ate. I'm sure some of you probably are already assuming that my diet will consist of fast food and sweets. However, I'm not going to limit my experience to such foods I could easily find back in the states. Thank you all for the support and I hope that you all will stay tuned in! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my story. .

So far my time spent here has been a winding roller coaster. One day I'm completely stressed out and then next I'm on high for fun. I know now that no matter where I go or what I choose to do, its not going to be easy or clean cut. For a while now, a big issue has been finding the right friends. God lets us know that everyone has the ability to be a part of his family and that no man is perfect. However, trying to change the minds of some individuals here may not be the route to take. All I can do is share him and show his love through my actions and words. I was so happy to find this guy named Jericho because he is also a Christian, but not just because he is one, but that he shows it. At first I thought that he would be the only one, until the next couple of days when I met another guy named Hyun Yi. This guy is awesome, he is also a follower of Christ and actually teaches youth Bible classes back in California. Even though I thought that God had stepped away to test me, I realize that He has and never will leave me. Along with this good news, about 3 days ago I met up with Jericho and he has this friend with him. Someone he had just met named Seung Min, I found out later on that he is one of Gods children. Another great thing about these friends is that 2 of them are also 18 years old. How amazing is that for the longest time everybody that I had met were sooo much older than me. And now, God has blessed me with 3 new friends, two my age, and one who actually talks and helps people through Gods Word. And above everything else, each guy Hyun, Seung, and Jericho all have the gift of singing and have formed a new bond. This type of relationships are far more than expected and I praise God that he has put them in my life. He made this possible and for that I'm truly thankful. No matter how bad it may seem like it is here in Korea, I must continue to remind myself that its all in God's hands and nothing will change that. I am very thankful to be here in Korea following my dreams one step, leap, jump at a time. Please continue to pray for my as I make my way into school. This Thursday will be my first day (mom, this makes up for my 1st day absence this year in high school). I love you all who support me and pray for me and my family; don't forget you can message me on Facebook or send me an email. I will be putting pictures up very soon, sorry for being soo late. My internet here hasn't been the greatest. Welp my time has come to end, I hope that you enjoyed my story about how God is never too far away, He is always right there beside you.
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