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So a lot of you have asked me to do a blog while I'm in Korea. Even though I'm html and blog challenged, I thought I still might try. Throughout my time in Korea (south of course) i will update each day on here, showing you where I went, what I did and ate. I'm sure some of you probably are already assuming that my diet will consist of fast food and sweets. However, I'm not going to limit my experience to such foods I could easily find back in the states. Thank you all for the support and I hope that you all will stay tuned in! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


After today’s class on the way out I stopped one of my Chinese classmates and asked her a question. I asked how I could write I Love You in Chinese. She began to show me and then from there she explained more stuff about each character. And from that phrase to the next, she wrote and spoke....and I wrote and repeated. At this time I felt like I was back in 10th grade again learning Korean from Jennifer Bang. It was so cool, because this Chinese girl taught me just like Jennifer taught Korean. So who knows, maybe in a few years I might be in China starting all over again. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen, I just thank God for guidance and wisdom for my future.

What I have learned by being here and sharing time with Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese people, is that I have a strong desire to study Asian history. When I was in America this past year, my longing was and still is for American history. Now that I have a lot of Asian friends and shared interesting history stories, now I think might be a part of my future study. I can’t too see what I can accomplish and learn in the future, I get so excited about all that I can learn and experience. Well that’s basically what this post is about, starting to find out what I want to do and figuring out what I’m good at. Yep….thanks for reading again~
 love you all

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  1. Is it not a fantastic feeling to discover something that you love and greatly desire to learn?
    I am so happy that you are experiencing that!