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So a lot of you have asked me to do a blog while I'm in Korea. Even though I'm html and blog challenged, I thought I still might try. Throughout my time in Korea (south of course) i will update each day on here, showing you where I went, what I did and ate. I'm sure some of you probably are already assuming that my diet will consist of fast food and sweets. However, I'm not going to limit my experience to such foods I could easily find back in the states. Thank you all for the support and I hope that you all will stay tuned in! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

im still alive. . .

I know its been a while, but i have just been a little busy trying to complete everything. Last week i had to get many things for school and for my visa. It was and is very important that i stayed focused on getting things straight for my visa. My visa is crucial to my stay here in Korea, but all is well know that i have all of my papers straight. Thank you to everyone who is praying for me, please continue to do so. . . .and i know that i couldnt have gotten this far with out God and all of your support. Welp, aside from all this business stuff, i still have been getting out and having fun with new friends. The other day i went out with 6 new friends from all over the world. There were, including me, 4 girls and 3 guys. One girl was from France, the other from the UK and the last girl is  Philippine. As for the guys, well they are all native to Korea, just an all around good combination. However, even though it was our first meeting. . .and i have never met these people in my life, i still managed to cause a scene and break the ice. Let me explain, so earlier on that day i met the girl from France who took me to her house where we could get ready. Along with her i met the other girl from the UK, she is very fashionable and offered me her HIGH heels (so cute). Anyway. . .i decided to wear them, but i realized that it was a bad decision because immediately after we walked outside, it started to poor down rain. Not only was i slipping because it was wet, but the shoes were leather. . soo when it rained on them, they began to stretch. (good job ashley) haha. . soo i didnt stop walking, and we finally got to our meeting place with the guys and the last girl. It was soo nice to meet these people, but soon the night turned worse. . when i actually began to fall and slip terribly in the rain. :(((( on the flip side, one of the guys was so kind to give me a ride, and carried me all the way to the restaurant and everywhere else basically. i thought i was going to be soo embarrassed, but really.. .i was the character that broke the ice for everyone, and now i Know that i can get through anything. . no matter how hard or embarrassing it might seem. im grateful to have had that experience, even though it was painful. Maybe you can understand me, but i believe you have to go through something like that to understand. Oh and the best part to it, was that one of the guys ended up buying me SHOES :) wow. . .  im not sure if people, especially young people in America would go to that lengths of helping out a stranger. .  but maybe im wrong. I am just so thankful to my new friends, and their support.
Welp. im left with 6 amazing buds, and 2 gruesome brusies...all is well ha
until next time,

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