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So a lot of you have asked me to do a blog while I'm in Korea. Even though I'm html and blog challenged, I thought I still might try. Throughout my time in Korea (south of course) i will update each day on here, showing you where I went, what I did and ate. I'm sure some of you probably are already assuming that my diet will consist of fast food and sweets. However, I'm not going to limit my experience to such foods I could easily find back in the states. Thank you all for the support and I hope that you all will stay tuned in! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Mountain^^

Tonight around 6:50 my mother and I left the house to go walk a famous Seoul mountain. This mountain is called Namsan and its known for its 777ft tower. My mothers friends here in Korea go walking with a large group of people. On some days they go hiking large mountains and on other days they go walking or jogging. I had thought that it would be fun and not hard because the people walking were around the ages of late 30's-50's. However, i instantly found out that my accusation was entirely WRONG. I underestimated the intensity and drive in the bones of an older Korean person. One woman was probably no younger than 50 and was wearing jeans and wasn't sweating at all. I, on the other hand, was drenched in sweat and ready to pass out. I don't even know how many miles i walked up and down that mountain. Whew~ Even though it was stressful and hard, i found that  it was rewarding due to my inability to give up. I am soo proud of myself to accomplish such a great task, and i will never forget the people i met that took the journey with me. I am really getting to see a different side to Koreans. At first glance, one might assume that all men and woman here in Korea are cold and stiff. This side of their culture is due to their business strength and self focus. In other words, i believe and have witnessed, that Koreans are extremely disciplined and focused on what they need to accomplish. This quality puts them at a social disadvantage in the states; however, in Korea its the opposite. During my walk/jog/run at namsan tower, i met a lot of cold faced people who turned out to be the kindest and most caring people. Its easy to make a judgment about someone, but its more intelligent to actually converse with someone to understand who they really are. I have definitely learned that i must not be intimidated or shy, I just have to get out and spend time with people. People in Korea are interested in me and appreciate the fact that im taking time to learn THEIR language. I don't think individuals in America take time to honor those who have come from far away to learn English. From now on, i have no reason to put anyone down for their accent or lack of pronunciation. Its an honor and i am proud of those people who make their way to America just to learn the language. Also, i am continually patting myself on the back for getting through this tough time in a foreign country. I am happy that the people of Korea are supporting me and know that i am well on my way to fully learn their beautiful language. I love Korea, i am so grateful that God has put me here, and i know that he will always make a way. . . no matter what
i love you all. . .
bye for now

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